MAN Faces His Greatest Enemies In New E3 2018 Trailer

MAN Faces His Greatest Enemies In New E3 2018 Trailer

Marvel's Spider-Man will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 4 on September 7.

If you weren't satisfied already by Spider-Man's cinematic showing at Sony's E3 2018 press conference, the game was shown off once again following the main show. In it we see Spider-Man go to the Raft, a maximum security prison, to try an stop a breakout.

In 2004, Activision and developer Treyarch released Spider-Man 2: The Game, which was the first time that a game adaptation of Spider-Man physically connected the hero's webs to the buildings around him. It's either going to be really good for Spidey, or really bad.

The new trailer pointed towards the inclusion of the Sinister Six, a team of Spider-Man's most formidable foes.

That said, the action is significantly faster and more acrobatic than that of the Batman games, as you can leap onto walls, knock enemies into the air, perform air combos and, of course, web up your enemies to render them immobile.

Based on the footage that was shown, we feel that the game's combat is going to be paced similar to what we've seen in games like God of War, but the boss battle nearly resembled more of a fighting game.

We spent a ton of time working with our friends at Marvel Games to ensure we got characters like Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, and Electro just right. The action was fast and satisfying, and like any great battle between Peter Parker and his villains, was filled with corny quips galore. Ultimate Spider-Man didn't play a big role in Spider-Verse, the precursor to Spidergeddon, so maybe this will be where he makes his big comeback.

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