Apple Bans Apps That Mine Cryptocurrencies

Apple Bans Apps That Mine Cryptocurrencies

The only exception is for "cloud-based mining", in which the virtual currencies are remotely generated off the Apple product. Next, Apple plan on allowing cryptocurrency exchange applications and they even want to allow apps that facilitate initial coin offerings (ICO's), providing they comply with local laws.

The updated guidelines now explicitly prohibit apps from running cryptocurrency mining in background processes.

Apple has also updated section 3.1.5 (b), which is specific to cryptocurrencies.

The company was informed that the iOS app, at the time available in the App Store, was mining cryptocurrency in the background of devices in return for giving users premium features - however, the opt-out option was broken, as reported by The Verge.

While the idea of mining cryptocurrency on an iPhone is nearly laughable, the message doesn't appear to be targeting apps built for the goal of mining cryptocurrency; those were already banned in a 2014 update.

Apple Updates App Store Guidelines, Tightens Rules for Crypto-Related Apps

Apple has patched a little-known App Store loophole that enabled developers to harvest data on iOS users' contacts, thereby limiting third-party access to potentially unprotected sources of personal information. So it's probably for the best that Apple has put a restriction on it so fewer people fall for what is essentially a scam and damage their devices. These conditions extend to apps providing cryptocurrency futures trading, and other crypto-securities or quasi-securities trading.

Calendar 2 was then pulled from the App Store and relaunched without the mining element.

In perhaps somewhat related news, Bitcoin (and most other cryptocurrencies) have fallen almost 8% in value over the last day, following the hack of South Korean crypto exchange Coinrail over the weekend.

Finally, the world's most valuable company has also mandated that apps do not offer cryptocurrency as rewards to users for completing tasks.

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