Solidarity in euro zone should not lead to debt union - Merkel

Solidarity in euro zone should not lead to debt union - Merkel

She said she was "absolutely open to talking to the new Italian government about ways to help young people find work" given high levels of youth unemployment.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met European Central Bank President Mario Draghi on Monday for an exchange of views, Merkel's spokesman said, as part of her regular informal meetings with leaders of European institutions.

"To do that we have to strengthen investment capability with the help of additional structural policies", she said, adding that the fund would be phased in gradually and then evaluated in terms of its effectiveness.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel endorsed French President Emmanuel Macron's idea for a joint European defense force in a long Sunday interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

She said that while solidarity among members of the single currency bloc was important, "solidarity among euro partners should never lead to a debt union, rather it must be about helping others to help themselves".

The League and 5 Star each need to renegotiate treaties on budgets, migration and a variety of different points with the European Union. Merkel did not say if her concerns had been addressed.

"For a successful economy we have to sustainably stabilize the euro".

She proposed offering short-term credit lines to stricken countries, but maintained strict conditions for support: "always subject to special conditions of course, for a limited amount and with complete repayment". "Those are totally new notes from Mrs. Merkel".

Merkel also said that a future EMF would be organized on an intergovernmental basis and national parliaments of member countries would have oversight.

The official said: "It is a positive move which testifies to the European commitment of the chancellor and of her government".

Merkel congratulated Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in a phone call on Saturday and invited him for talks in Berlin, her office said. League leader Matteo Salvini, Italy's new interior minister, has said that Italians "aren't the slaves" of European Union powerhouses Germany and France.

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