Guatemala: 25 killed, almost 3,100 evacuated as Fuego volcano erupts

Guatemala: 25 killed, almost 3,100 evacuated as Fuego volcano erupts

It was the second major eruption this year and at the start of the day, officials from CONRED Guatemala, the national disaster reduction authority, did not seem too anxious as Volcan de Fuego came back to life.

Authorities in Guatemala say at least 25 people have been confirmed killed by the eruption but that number is expected to rise.

Here's the terrifying moment it hits the village of San Miguel Los Lotes, where several people have died. "That could cause more mud flows and nearby rivers to burst their banks", said Eddy Sanchez, director of Guatemala's seismological, volcanic and meteorological institute.

Rescue workers are desparately battling to find missing people and pull bodies from the lava slicks, called pyroclastic flows, that engulfed the village of El Rodeo.

At least 33 people have been killed as Guatemala's Volcan de Fuego erupted on Sunday.

The volcanic eruption Sunday spewed a river of red hot lava and belched thick clouds of smoke almost six miles into the air, according to the CONRED, the government agency for disaster reduction. The lava river was running on the other side of the volcano.

Residents flee El Rodeo village after the Fuego volcano erupted.

Disaster officials said the eruption has affected more than one million people, with 3,100 evacuated from areas around the volcano and 20 injured people taken to health centers. Two of the dead were children who burnt to death as they watched the eruption from a bridge, officials said.

The volcano west of Guatemala City exploded Sunday, sending towering clouds of ash miles into the air and hot flows of ash mixed with water and debris down its flanks, blocking roads and burning homes.

It is close to the popular tourist destination Antigua, which is known for its coffee plantations.

Some photos posted on social media show the bodies of victims half-buried in the mud.

Kilauea's primary mode of destruction is lava, but Fuego has unleashed pyroclastic flow - a nasty mix of ash, rock and volcanic gases that can be much more unsafe than lava.

President Jimmy Morales said a national emergency response had been launched.

A Guatemala police officer attempting to escape the dooming cloud of ash rushing toward him captured the moment Volcan del Fuego erupted on Sunday, sending people fleeing by foot and auto before the thick, gray dust engulfs them.

The capital's global airport has also been closed due to the danger the ash poses to planes. "We are evacuating and rescuing people".

Mr de Leon a change in wind was to blame for thevolcanic ash falling on parts of the city.

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