Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie released at last, 4 years later

Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie released at last, 4 years later

There's also a new Walkie-Talkie app, which does exactly what it sounds like. That feature never really made it to prime-time.

Apple didn't announce the rumored third-party watch faces feature at WWDC 2018, so it seems those rumors were incorrect. We first reported on this watch face last week, and Apple today confirmed that it will be available officially today at 12PM PT/3PM ET. For Pride Month, Apple is launching a rainbow colored watch face and watch band. Watch-to-watch connection works over wifi in real-time. It's sort of like making a voice call, but also sort of not. You won't be able to speak over one-another.

Instead, this Walkie-Talkie system is more like a sending and receiving of voice messages. It'll retroactively remember what you've done before you pressed yes, and then start the workout for you. This isn't a Walkie-Talkie free-for-all like a real Walkie-Talkie.

You'll both be competing against each other to see who can earn the most points and close the most Rings in the Activity app over a week long period. Just in case you didn't believe it was there back in 2014, here it is - there it was. Now here it is again in 2018. The new OS demands a dual-core processor, absent only from the first Watch, and is expected to end support for watchOS 1 apps as well. Cross your fingers for speed and accuracy.

The Siri watch face got some new improvements too with sports scores, maps and heart rate data. That means you won't need to say "Hey Siri" to activate it.

Watch faces are an area of intense interest for Apple Watch owners, because these faces are among the few ways people can personalize their watches. Now, you'll be able to play your favorite podcasts without having your phone with you.

That's a big deal if you're planning to ditch your iPhone and just listen to audio from your wrist.

Watch notifications, which were once simple alerts relayed from your iPhone, will become significantly more useful in watchOS 5, especially in third-party apps. Still, it is worth noting that Apple is not offering a full-featured browser experience. Interactive notifications are now a thing.

The example Apple showed on stage was a Yelp reservation that allowed you to change the date and time of the booking without having to open up the dedicated app.

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